Wine Down Wednesday

If this week has got you worked up, here’s how to wine down. 

We all understand the struggle Wednesdays can bring. You’ve made it halfway through the week, but the weekend is still a few days away. Lets keep a glass half full perspective on the progression of the week and a glass all the way full of some tasty wines. Sun.thread.blush. presents Wine Down Wednesday.

Maybe think of Wine Down Wednesday as your mid-week treat. Don’t let the week’s frustrations get you down. Kick your feet up and relax! Turn on a podcast or listen to some music and make yourself a nice meal to go with that wine.

This week’s wine recommendation:  Fog Head Sauvignon Blanc (, $18)

Sauvignon Blanc flavor profile: lime, passion fruit, white peach, green apple. Overall, it’s considered to be a dry wine.

Fun fact: The flavor can vary depending on how ripe the grapes are at the time the wine is made. It can range from zesty lime to fruity peach.

Photo via Wine Folly

Pairs well with: Grilled salmon with mixed greens and honey citrus vinaigrette

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Best take out pairing: Greek food

Not in the mood to cook? Order some take out! Greek food is a great option since the herbal and deliciously briny flavors found in the cuisine pairs well with the fruity and earthy notes in Sauvignon Blancs.

Local find recommended: Blue Mediterranean Cafe

Have any favorite recipes or know of any take out places you think pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc? Please comment below!

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