No soup for you? Actually, yes.

We still have a good two solid months left until we can say “goodbye” to winter and all of chilly weather and seasonal affective disorder inducing things that come with it. Enjoy these last few weeks of cold weather that make you want to cozy up with something warm and try one of these soup recipes.

Soup is probably one of the easiest, cooking-novice forgiving dishes you can make. Adding a dash of this and splash of that can turn regular broth into something creamy and comforting or exotic and zesty. 

Looking for that comfort food feel? Try the Beef-Ale Stew and Green Onion-Buttermilk Dumplings

Spicy Chicken Thai Soup. Delivers both heat and lots of flavor. Win win!

What’s a tasty non-seafood chowder that is both comforting and satisfying? Cheddar Corn Chowder.

Split Pea Soup, sooooo good.

Although Turkey Chili isn’t technically “soup”, it still gives you that “mmm mmm good” feel.

Maybe pair a nice cup of soup with one of these grilled cheese recipes.

New to the kitchen? Here are a few key soup making essentials to get you started:

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven (, $36)

For the grilled cheese, Lodge Cast Iron 12” Skillet (, $36)

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