Not only treat yo self, treat yo space

Treating yourself to a mani pedi, getting a trim, or adding a few new items to your wardrobe are great ways to to perk yourself up when you are feeling blah. What about your space? Your home? Do you ever look around and feel like something is missing or you are just tired of its current state? Changing a few things and adding small touches here and there can make all the difference. 

1.If your comforter is older than your computer, it may be time for a change.

You may be fond of your current comforter or duvet. It is probably nice and soft and worn in just right, but is it looking a bit washed out and drab? Might be time for a new one! Check out your favorite home store to see what’s on sale. You don’t have to break the bank to add a little style to your room. (, $80)


2. Don’t forget about your plants.

Hopefully your plants are in something a little more exciting than the plastic container you purchased it in (hopefully the barcode and price sticker are no longer on there as well). You can add some character and color to your space with a nice ceramic planter, red terra cotta is a classic too. (, $12)


3. Treat the senses with some smell goods.

Candles and diffusers not only add ambiance aesthetically, but makes your space feel even more inviting and cozy. (, $32)


4. Fresh flowers from your local farmer’s market.

House plants are guaranteed to add some life to your home, but there’s nothing like seeing a fresh bouquet of flowers on your table. You can get a great colorful bouquet at a decent price from places like Trader Joe’s or the farmer’s market.


5. Lets not forget the shower curtain.

Shower curtains can sometimes become one of those bathroom essentials that eventually fades into the background. Switching your old curtain for a new one can give your bathroom a completely different feel. (, $68)


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